Arrest affidavit reveals new details regarding Eunice murder

Arrest affidavit reveals new details regarding Eunice murder
Ismael Silva (Source: Eunice City Jail)

EUNICE, NM (KWES) - We're learning new details regarding a deadly afternoon fight in Eunice.

The fight happened in the 1400 block of Avenue A on Friday just before 2 p.m.

According to the criminal complaint, a witness reported to police that he could hear two men arguing over what sound like a female.

Police said that when Ismael Silva, 52, walked over towards the witness and they started talking. Then Ramon Serna, 52, started walked toward Silva and the two men started arguing.

The report stated that the witness saw Silva punch Serna with a closed fist twice in the face knocking him to the ground.

Police said the witness went inside his home to contact police and when he walked out he saw Silva walking away from the alley holding a pipe that appeared to have blood and skin on it.

The witness also stated that Silva told him "do not call the cops," "you don't have to get involved" and "he isn't dead."

The witness later found Serna with a severe head injury and paramedics later pronounced Serna dead.

The officer on the scene spoke with another witness who said he saw both Silva and Serna drinking alcohol in the 1400 block of Roadrunner Lane prior to the fight.

According to the report, officers later went to Silva's home where they saw a pipe in plain view in Silva's RV passenger seat.

Silva was later taken into custody and taken to the Eunice City Jail after he went to a nearby store to call for an ambulance due to having a head injury.

Police added that Silva had blood on his shirt and pant legs but while he was in a holding cell, he placed the shirt and pants in the jail cell toilet and began flooding the cell.

An investigator later found that the wound was consistent with being struck by a blunt object such as a pipe.

Silva has been charged with murder and tampering with evidence.

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