Teens charged for role in post office break in

Teens charged for role in post office break in

JAL, NM. (KWES) - On Thursday, the Jal Police Department charged Bryan Daniels and Bobbie Jo Richardson for their role in a break in at the city post office.

Deborah Cheek, a 20 year customer at the post office said, "I'd like to go and give them a spanking."

Mauricio Valeriano, Jal Police Chief, said "People receive checks, gift cards, birthday money."I really don't know why someone would do such a thing."

Police said they found a box with some of the items which were reported stolen. Police said they found Daniels' ID with the items.

"Someone's got too much time on their hands and not enough discipline," said Cheek.

Cheek visits the post office two or three times a week now in response to the break-in, the hours had been changed making it hard for the residents to get their mail.

"What it affects is the people of Jal that work all day, they don't get off until five so they can't get their mail because they have to lock up now at 4:30"

Police said they got lucky, without video surveillance they were able to make an arrest with the help of the public.

"It seems like in a small community you just get a whole lot of information from the public and that has helped us out tremendously," said Valeriano.

"If I wasn't a Christian, I'd want to beat them up," said Cheek.

Daniels and Richardson are facing burglary, tampering with evidence and breaking and entering charges.

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