Odessa neighborhood dealing with burglaries

Odessa neighborhood dealing with burglaries

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Tuesday morning, a car was stolen on the 9300 block of Hawthorne Court after the owner left it unattended briefly. 

Corporal Steve Lesueur, of the Odessa Police Department said, "The investigation revealed while the homeowner started their vehicle outside then went inside temporarily and came back out and their vehicle was gone."

On a block where Odessa Police and Midland County Sheriffs live, residents were surprised something like this could happen.

Andrew Shephard, a resident, said, "I've heard some of the neighbors talk about their cars being broken into, this is the first I've heard of a vehicle being stolen."

Shephard had an idea about the cause of the recent break-ins.

"The economy downturn, people are hurting for money. They are going to do anything they can to get money."

Officials and residents added, there are ways to keep your things safe.

According to authorities, well over 90% of vehicle thefts are because people leave their keys in the vehicle.

"It could be at anywhere or anytime. Don't leave the key in the ignition while the vehicle is left unattended," said LeSueur.

"Keep your doors locked both your doors to your house as well as doors to your vehicle and if you hear anything out of the ordinary call law enforcement," said Shephard.

Odessa Police handles 41 stolen vehicle cases a month, 80% of the time the vehicle is found.

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