Odessa City Council discusses making Uber official

Odessa City Council discusses making Uber official

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Uber is currently in Odessa but isn't recognized by the city. During briefing before tonight's council meeting, council discussed making Uber official in Odessa but have to clear a few hurdles first.

Natasha Brooks, Senior Assistant City Attorney, said, "There's a tug-of-war because some are concerned about the business of taxi cabs either lessening or being put out of business and I don't think city council wants to be charged with that if it does happen."

David Turner, Mayor of Odessa said, "We're actually going to look for city's recommendation to adjust the taxis maybe to allow advertisement to help the taxi companies level the playing field."

Members of the council tossed around ideas in briefing, one of them was a potential zoning plan making taxis only in certain areas of the city.

"The nice thing about briefing is that we can see each others points," said Turner.

In briefing, officials spoke with an Uber representative and discussed reasons why Uber should stay in Odessa.

"I felt like if there was a voice from Uber that can speak with the council regarding their questions they will understand and understand the concept of Uber," said Brooks.

Before council can make a decision on Uber, they want to get all the facts.

"People with grey hair like myself don't typically know about the newer things that the younger people do and that's part of the education process," said Turner.

Mayor Turner tells NewsWest 9 he expects there will be an approval on a new Uber ordinance making the company official sometime in May.

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