TxDOT: Slow down in construction zones

TxDOT: Slow down in construction zones
Construction Zone in Midland County (Source: KWES)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It's National Work Zone Awareness Week and with the many construction projects around the Basin and the Texas Department of Transportation has a message for you.

Drivers are urged to slow down, pay attention and be extra cautious to save not only the lives of work zone workers but their own lives as well.

On Tuesday, the Odessa district held a news conference to offer work zone safety strategies and statistics.

TxDOT said in 2015, there were nearly 22,000 work zone crashes in Texas.

The top two causes of these crashes were speeding and the drivers not paying attention to the construction workers.

"People think of TXDOT as being this faceless government entity and we're not. We're people too and we want people to remember that when they're driving through our work zones, not just for TXDOT safety, not for contractor safety, but for the public's safety as well," said Gene Powell, Public Information Officer for the Odessa District of TxDOT.

By law, drivers are required to move over or slow down when approaching work crews, emergency vehicles or tow trucks stopped on the road side.

Traffic fines double in construction zones when workers are present.

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