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Man arrested after allegedly threatening employees with pocketknife, evading police

Jered Almeida (Source: Midland Sheriff's Office) Jered Almeida (Source: Midland Sheriff's Office)

A man was arrested Friday after threatening Arby’s employees with a knife and then running from the police.

Midland police were called out to Arby’s on Midland Drive because a man was in the drive-through with a knife, threatening employees.

When the officer drove up to the suspect’s car, the suspect fled.

The officer then called for backup.

The officer told Jered Almeida,28, to turn off the car and throw his keys out the window.

Almeida refused and drove off again and a chase ensued.

Finally, they stopped Almeida in a parking lot on North Midland Drive.

Almeida got out of the car and was given verbal commands that he did not listen to.

Finally, Almeida got on his knees and was handcuffed.

When Officers tried to talk to him, he looked as if he were on drugs.

After a search of the car, officers found the knife Almeida allegedly used on the Arby’s employees.

Authorities spoke to the employees, who said they said they were working when Almeida pulled up and started asking about his food.

They told him he had not ordered anything.

He then got angry, pulled out a pocketknife and started waving it at them in a threatening manner.

Almeida now faces two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as well as evading arrest with a vehicle.

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