Meth-related felony arrests continue to rise in Odessa

Meth-related felony arrests continue to rise in Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Over the past few weeks, Odessa had a rise in the amount of people arrested on meth related charges. Since late March, over a dozen people were arrested, accused of having, making, or selling meth.

NewsWest 9 received a statement from The Odessa Police Department. They said:

"Odessa has a meth problem. We've seen an increase in meth and meth-related cases over the last two years. There is a direct correlation between meth users and other crimes."

They said these crimes range from identity theft to robbery. The department is concerned with the increase of people being caught with meth. They said it is not unusual for them to arrest the same people multiple times.

According to police reports, there were up to four heroin and five cocaine felony arrests in Odessa. These arrests were made in just the past two weeks. The number of meth arrests was the highest.

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