Residents pleased with new traffic light at dangerous intersection

Residents pleased with new traffic light at dangerous intersection

GREENWOOD, TX (KWES) - The intersection of FM 307 and County Road 1130 has been the site of many crashes. Next week, the intersection will finally have traffic lights. Greenwood residents say it has been a long time coming.

"We are very, very grateful," said Greenwood Resident, Cyn King.

Just between the years of 2009 and 2011, the area had an average of 20 crashes per year.

"I hope that we never have another one because it is just tragic," said King.

King passes through the intersection regularly. She took it upon herself to push for change after one crash hit far to close to home.

"One of my kiddos that I had in school was killed in a traffic fatality there," said King.

Not only is the intersection prone to crashes, residents see major traffic delays on a daily basis. MOTRAN sights population growth over the years and road developments as contributing factors.

"Getting kids to school, picking them up, bringing them back. You have a lot of that traffic. You have a tremendous amount of oilfield traffic out there. The other thing we see in Greenwood is just tremendous growth," said MOTRAN President, James Beauchamp.

"In the evenings like at 5 o'clock, between 5 and 6 p.m., the time that everyone's getting off work, that road may be backed up a mile or two," said King.

The new turning lanes are already in use on CR 1130, but the traffic lights will go live Monday morning at 12 a.m. Greenwood residents are already planning to go check them out.

"I'll be through there Monday and I'll be high fiving," said King.

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