Over 200 citations given after drivers illegally cross Interstate 20 median

Over 200 citations given after drivers illegally cross Interstate 20 median
North service road of I-20 (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Hundreds of drivers received citations after trying to save some time on Interstate 20 Friday afternoon.

DPS troopers say they gave 200 citations in about three hours when they noticed drivers illegally crossing the median.

DPS Trooper Justin Baker said they started stopping drivers to avoid an accident.

"It's on a slight curve where someone might not see that vehicle entering the roadway in that location and it could end in a crash," said Baker.

Early Friday afternoon, traffic was backed up for at least two miles because of construction happening down the road.

A DPS Trooper on the scene told us she pulled someone over for crossing the median and while she was issuing the citation others started crossing it as well, right in front of her. The trooper said she made them line up and wait and had to call for reinforcement when she had up to 35 vehicles lined up.

"If you see someone else committing the violation never assume that just because they did it, it's OK," said Baker.

Authorities said the drivers, who illegally crossed the median to the service road, were pulled over by DPS Troopers and Midland police.

Troopers on the scene reported that some drivers even crossed illegally right in front of them.

Baker said, "If we notice there's a problem in the area, we're going to increase our enforcement in the area. If people are having a hard time understanding to follow the traffic signs, we're going to remind them [to do it] and it might be through a citation."

The drivers cited will faces fines up to $250.

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