Former Chevron employee laid off after 18 years

Former Chevron employee laid off after 18 years

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - In the wake of the Chevron job cuts, employees are feeling the pressure of losing their job or struggling to keep it.

Cindy Olive, a former Geologist with Chevron, learned that she had been laid off by the company on Thursday. Olive said the bad news still feels like an open wound.

"We knew this was coming. The price of oil was low and Chevron had started the process in January. We actually knew things, probably around the end of last year, but it's still kind of a shock. When you get to work and they're like okay, you're done," Olive said.

The company announced they were laying off workers at the beginning of the year. Chevron officials in Midland say less than 50 people in the Permian Basin will be out of a job.

"There were six of us who got laid-off yesterday (Thursday) and many more in Houston. There are a lot of engineers here also, that don't have a job anymore as of yesterday, so it affected the Permian Basin pretty dramatically here," Olive said.

Low oil prices are to blame for the job cuts in Chevron companies all across the board. Layoffs are attributed to high supply and a weakening global demand.

"Being in that industry for many years, you know it's a roller coaster, it's up and down so you always prepare for the future," Olive said.

Those who were laid off will receive six weeks of transition pay, severance and career transition services. Although she and several others with Chevron are out of a job, Olive said she is optimistic.

"I have 18 years in the industry, so I'm valuable, and I feel positive about the future," Olive said.

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