Caught on Cam: Home surveillance captures gun theft

Caught on Cam: Home surveillance captures gun theft

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A couple of suspects are on the run after stealing a couple of guns from a parked truck. While the theft happened at night, the criminals were caught on surveillance video that's plain as day.

The suspects are wanted for burglary of a vehicle and theft of a firearm.

"This is excellent video," said Odessa Crime Stopper's Susan Rogers. "You can actually see this group of people driving down the street and one of them getting out and pulling on car handles just to see if the door is unlocked."

Once the suspect finds an open truck, he begins to rummage, even turning on the light in the truck. Before the burglary spree is done, they'll get away with two guns and a clarinet. Although the guns were later recovered, Odessa Crime Stoppers are still trying to track down the suspects.

"We can actually see the vehicle really good," said Rogers. "It's a white or light colored Chevy Suburban or Tahoe. You can see a clear picture of it going down the street. The first suspect that is pulling on the door handles appears to be a white male with dark, short hair. He's got a mustache or a goatee. The second guy gets out and you can see him with his hoodie on. The pictures are really clear."

This goes to show how handy it is to have home surveillance. The theft happened in the 7200 block of Donatello and it was actually a neighbor's camera who captured this.

"This is a neighborhood on the northeast side of town," Rogers said. "You can see the suspects very clearly, walking up and down the street, taking their time, pulling on door handles just to see if they can get into a vehicle. They're not breaking your window out, they aren't vandalizing anything. They are just looking to see if you left your vehicle unlocked."

If you have any information on these suspects, give Odessa Crime Stoppers a call at (432) 333-TIPS. You will remain anonymous and could land yourself a cash reward.

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