Western Container of Big Spring to close, Mayor discusses economic impact

Western Container of Big Spring to close, Mayor discusses economic impact

A Western Container Corporation official announced today they would be closing shop in Big Spring and the city is already looking for the next company to take over where they left off.

"Maybe we can get another large employer in here.
We will start marketing that building even today. I've talked to our economic development director. He is in the Dallas area. He'll start putting out some information and getting that information on the boards," said Big Spring Mayor Larry McLellan.

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Western Container has been operating in Big Spring since 1980. The company made the decision to close after Coca-Cola decided to produce their own plastic bottles in Abilene, San Antonio and Denver.

Vince Duffney, plant manager, said, "The Big Spring plant closing will affect 95 employees. Every effort will be made to be sensitive to the concerns of employees who will be impacted during the transition period."

Western Container is currently the biggest tax payer in Big Spring. The city is planning for the loss of revenue.

"It's a downturn in probably our revenue stream for the city and the county and all the taxing entities. I don't think we need to panic over anything like this," said McLellan.

McLellan said he sees potential in the growth of the city with the reliever route opening sometime in May and the new rails being put into the industrial park.

"If you add all those elements up, I think you are looking at a place where businesses want to come. If you think about, you can fly it in, you can ship it on the rail or trucks can transport it," said McLellan.

Western Container will close their doors for good on October 1.

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