Big Spring residents say seismic devices placed without permission

Big Spring residents say seismic devices placed without permission


School was canceled at Big Spring High School after a mysterious device was found in the parking lot, sending parents, students, and Big Spring ISD into panic mode. Residents say the devices have been placed throughout town without permission.

"I would have hated to been the person that walked up and saw that this morning. That would have been a very scary situation. A small phone call could have solved so much chaos today for everybody involved," said Chris Cannady, Big Spring resident and parent.

Turns out it was a false alarm. The package was a device placed by CGG, a geophysical services company, for a seismic survey. Many Big Spring residents say they have been popping up around town and even been placed in people's yards without their knowledge.

"A lady had come home and had found one of these seismic monitors actually buried in her yard. She hadn't received any kind of notification from the company or anything," said Cannady.

The devices are used in the oil industry to get images of various rock types and their locations beneath the earth's surface to locate oil and gas reservoirs. Although the devices are harmless, many may find them alarming if placed without consent.

"Bomb? Seriously would look like something very frightening based off of what you see in movies and TV. It was would be something very stunning if you came across that in your own yard," said Cannady.

The city of Big Spring says the company behind the monitors, CGG, put out a notice in the local paper about the seismic survey they are conducting. The survey reportedly has been going on since the end of March and will continue until mid April, but the city says the company must have permission from the property owner to place the device

Big Spring ISD says they were unaware the device was going to placed in their parking lot.

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