Quality Inn Guests React to Officer-Involved Shooting

Quality Inn Guests React to Officer-Involved Shooting

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Guests staying at the Quality Inn off Highway 80 and JBS Parkway were placed on lock-down until early morning hours Saturday.

The motel's guests said the shooting was hectic but even after the chaos, guests and the hotel aimed for a speedy recovery.

Bullet holes and busted windows still remained on the walls after the shooting.

"This don't look good," said Chris Rowell, a hotel guest staying for the weekend. "None of it was expected."

"Nobody was brave enough to come out," said Rowell. He was waiting for his food delivery when he went outside and saw police units surrounding the area. "I heard a couple of shots go off and then two more shots, I come out and get my food, and I see police unit, cruisers everywhere."

The band playing inside the lounge was asked to stop and guests were told to stay quiet. The west-wing hotel guests were not allowed back inside the building until the early morning.

"It kind of seemed like I was helping everybody else stay calm," said Rowell. He said he made sure the guests inside were updated every so often with what was going on outside. His main concern was to make sure none of the guests did not do anything to interfere with law enforcement.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Quality Inn and they said this incident is not affecting the business. The two rooms where the shooting happened are now blocked off. They told us things are okay and they are still checking hotel guests in.

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