Man retires after working 70 years in oil industry in Permian Basin

Man retires after working 70 years in oil industry in Permian Basin

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Four brothers got together in the 1940s while the oil industry was booming in the Basin and started Johnson Bros. Oil Company.

Herbert Johnson joined the family business after serving in World War II. Now he is retiring on his 70th anniversary working in the oil industry and for the family business.

"I've worked in nearly every area of the whole sale business," said Herbert.

Working in the industry so long, Herbert has seen his fair share of oil booms and downturns. During the drilling boom in the '50s and '60s, The company was servicing rigs around the clock.

"At one time we were servicing about 24 rigs with oil gas and fuel needs," said Herbert.

Herbert says when there's a boom there's also a bust around the corner. Even though this downturn might seem bad, Its not the worst he's seen. In the late '80s bust the company lost thousands.

"You never know when their going to have a bust. That's when people go broke and can't pay their bills. This will have been our sixth bust since we have been in business here," said Herbert.

The company survived many downturns, but Herbert says it's important to keep a positive attitude and plan financially even when oil is booming.

"Everybody should watch their budget. Stay out of debt and be able to stay here in Odessa if at all possible until work does build up again and things start picking up again," said Herbert.

Herbert believes the family business is in good hands with his son, Gary, who has worked with the company for 40 years.

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