Neighbors use quick instincts to help local police

Neighbors use quick instincts to help local police

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Police said Jerald Lujan was one of the neighbors on the 1600 block of Dotsy Avenue who showed quick instincts when they spotted Darian Aguilar. Officials said they received a disturbance call after Aguilar and others were spotted trespassing.

"I heard my neighbor yelling from down the street, hey kid come back over here," said Lujan.

Lujan then chased down Aguilar.

"My military training kicked in and I just reacted. I knew if he got to his car he was going to be gone," said Lujan.

Lujan said he asked Aguilar why he was in the neighborhood.

"He said I'm just walking around. I asked where was his shoe because he was missing shoes. He said I don't know it's somewhere in the alley," said Lujan.

Police added Aguilar had a warrant out for his arrest and the car he was in was reported stolen from Presidio County.

Corporal Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department said, "The citizens obviously were concerned. They had no idea what they were doing on their property."

Police say its important to use caution when engaging a suspect because of the uncertainty of the situation. Lujan and others were happy this situation didn't get out of hand.

"I'm just glad that it happened the way it was," said Lujan.

Officials said the neighborhood had been hit with a string of auto burglaries in the past.

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