Mother of kidnapped child arrested

Mother of kidnapped child arrested

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The mother of the child kidnapped from an Odessa Child Protective Services office on Wednesday is also behind bars, along with the child's father.

Shortly before 4 p.m. Wednesday, Joshua Quijano, 22, fled from the CPS office in Odessa with his 2-year old son.

The 2-year old had been removed from the home due to family violence and narcotics use. Quijano was only allowed supervised visits.

Pamela Iglesias, 22, mother of the 2-year old also had a court order restricting access to the child.

Iglesias fled in the vehicle with Quijano and the child.  All three were later found in a vehicle near 8th Street and Highway 80 in Odessa.

Iglesias and Quijano were both arrested and charged for kidnapping.

The investigation into the kidnapping is ongoing, according to the Odessa Police Department.

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