Pecos neighborhood grossed out by foul smelling water in streets

Pecos neighborhood grossed out by foul smelling water in streets

PECOS, TX (KWES) - Some people living in a Pecos neighborhood are grossed out, saying sewer water is in their streets. It looks nasty and smells bad but the city said it's not coming from the sewer pipes.

A viewer who chose to remain anonymous submitted a video to NewsWest 9, complaining about the foul smell in their neighborhood and claiming no one was doing anything about it.

Pecos City Manager, Eric Honeyfield, "It belongs in the sewer plant not in the street."

It's all part of a pipeline project going down 7th street, which is part of a utility replacement project that's under construction.

Honeyfield agrees saying the smell is terrible and agrees the water should not have been there.

"I'm not sure we were contacted about it in timely fashion. I first noticed it when I was on my way home from city hall about 8 o-clock last night and could detect the odor from my heating and air conditioning," said Honeyfield.

Honeyfield took action immediately and directed the contractors to apply an odor control last night and instructed them to "suck up" the water this morning.
"There may be some ground water effected by an old gas station that used to be at the corner of 7th and Eddy," said Honeyfield.

Two more months of construction is still expected at this specific location, the bad smelling water could come up again during construction but Honeyfield said next time the city will be better prepared.

"I think in the future a couple of takeaways from this is that it should have been pumped out into the sewer and there should have been some notice to the city staff that are in charge of the project," said Honeyfield.

The crew is expected to be done with the foul smelling water by noon on Thursday.

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