Crews battled blaze in Pleasant Farms

Crews battled blaze in Pleasant Farms

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - On Wednesday evening, crews from South Ector, West Odessa and Odessa contained a fire in Pleasant Farms which had been burning since 5:30 pm.

Chief Kevin Tinney of the Odessa Fire and Rescue said, "The people next door on each side of the lot had houses at risk of burning that's what we were the most concerned with."

One family said they threw dirt on their fence to stop the fire from spreading. The flames reached heights everyone who witnessed couldn't imagine.

Brian Gilmore saw the flames said, "Definitely it was the biggest thing I've seen out here."

"Sixty, seventy foot high. The problem with this is such a big area a full two acres full of pallets and cardboard and barrels with an unknown substance in it blowing up, " said Tinney.

There were no reported injuries but Chief Tinney said there were some close calls.

"We had drums blow up and hit the side of a fire truck. What if it had hit a fire fighter," said Tinney.

Officials don't know what caused the fire and said it would take some time to completely put out.

"Alot of it we had to let it do it's thing and let it burn down a little bit. Don't put this kind of stuff on your lot," said Tinney. 

Crews were on the scene throughout the night fighting the fire.

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