MISD: Student arrested in connection with threats made on app

(Source: KWES)
(Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you aren't sure what to look for, you might not even know if your child has the app. Administrators say Ogle has gone viral in less than a week and they have already made one arrest involving threats made about going on a shooting spree at Midland High School.

"It's the fastest growing [app] I've ever seen," Jeff Horner, executive director of secondary, MISD.

Once you open the app, there is a list of schools near your location. Students pick the school they attend and get posting, but the problem administrators and parents have with the app is the rampant bullying, explicit pictures and death threats being made.

"The original post all started with talking about a kid [asking if] they are handsome or not. You can image how much worse it gets," said Horner.

One poster in the Midland High School feed says, "School shooting today at 1 p.m. Be there or be square." Another post says, "Before I shoot up the school, I have a question. What is the best type of gun to use? I have an AK."`

"The way things are going these days.You have to take things serious," said Jay Carothers, a Midland High School parent.

Midland ISD police made one arrest today involving threats made on the app. They say they are taking every post seriously and are taking action against those involved.

"Anything that makes a student feel unsafe up here, we are following up on. All discipline will follow by student code of conduct with each and every post we track down," said Horner.

Even though the threat today was a hoax, parents say they will be watching over their kids a lot more closely.

"I just have to monitor her more. That's all, I guess. I'm going to get harder than I already am," said Carothers.

Administrators say there will be more security on the their campuses, but warn parents to watch what their children are doing and teach them about the dangers of social media.

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