Trash in Big Spring becoming eyesore for residents

Trash in Big Spring becoming eyesore for residents

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Plastic bags, trash and even old tires is what Big Spring residents see when they drive down the South Service Road of I-20.

One woman says it's becoming an eyesore and is worried about the community's appearance.

Both the Big Spring Sanitation Department and Keep Big Spring Beautiful said they are aware of the issue but Big Spring resident, Toni Bodin said in the 24 years she's live there, she has only seen it get worse.

At first glance people driving down the South Service Road off I-20 may think it is a cotton field but it's actually hundreds of plastic bags caught to trees.

"I think they've just accepted it as a fact of life, as part of the scenery," said Bodin.

Bodin said since she moved to the area every time she drives by she sees the trash and calls it depressing.

"In the summer months you don't see it, it's hidden by the foliage. In the Winter, Fall, Spring it's clearly visible and it's depressing. I feel that we've kind of become numb to it or just accepted it because there is so much of it we just don't know what to do," said Bodin.

This area is about a mile away from Big Spring's land fill, Bodin says many residents may use that and wind as an excuse but says it's unacceptable.

"Pick up your trash, bag your trash, close the dumpster lids. Do we really need that [bag], could we use a reusable bag in this situation?" said Bodin.

Grocery stores like HEB have reusable bags for sale in store and provide in store recycling for plastic bags. HEB says reusable bags hold more groceries and in 2014 they were able to recycle 6 million pounds of plastic bags.

Big Spring Public Works Director, Johnny Womack told NewsWest 9, The Sanitation Department is aware of the issue and has a crew scheduled for clean up.

Bodin said, "No one's going to take care of Texas but us. No one is going to clean it up but us, we have to be responsible for this mess."

NewsWest 9 also reached out to Keep Big Spring Beautiful, President Lisa Brooks said Saturday April 2 is Big Spring's Trash Off, for the event residents choose an area to beautify and this is one of them.

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