Odessa residents upset with frequent car burglaries

Odessa residents upset with frequent car burglaries

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Police made six arrests over the weekend in connection with car burglaries at three different locations in Odessa.  Locust Ave. is one of the three streets that were hit. Residents on the road are far too familiar with their cars being broken into.

"Its been happening a lot and it's getting tiresome," said Patrick Ellison, a resident.

We knocked on doors all along Locust. Ellison says this isn't the first or even the second time his cars have been burglarized.

"In the past three months. We have had it happen to us three times," said Ellison.

This past weekend was the fourth time he's had his car broken into since he moved to Locust. Another resident who didn't want to go on camera said his car was broken into twice in the past year.

"Some of the incidents had as many as six to ten suspects. Most of these suspects ranged in age from 15 to 20 years of age," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department.

"Every time its just been kids looking for cigarettes or miscellaneous stuff that they can take. Anything cheap," said Ellison.

Odessa police say Locust is not the only problem street. Two other residential blocks were burglarized on Saturday. They are urging the public to keep their doors locked and valuables hidden.

"Please avoid leaving weapons, spare keys, any other valuables inside your vehicles because that is what these thieves are looking for," said LeSueur.

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