Easter weekend home burglary in Ector County caught on video

Easter weekend home burglary in Ector County caught on video

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A home in Ector County was burglarized over the holiday weekend. Nobody was home when it happened but the homeowner says her young children are scared to even be there.

The victim and homeowner, Virginia De Santiago said the men took their time cleaning out her home.

"They took a lot of stuff, they had a lot of time," said De Santiago.

Two hours is how long it took three men to clear De Santiago's home of four TVs,  laptop, electronics, jewelry and more.

De Santiago said, "I think they knew that no one was home, I didn't post anything on Facebook or anything that people would know. I guess it was just because it was dark out for a couple of days. We were at Ruidoso so I didn't have internet connection. I have an alarm system but it didn't go off."

De Santiago said once she drove into an area with service Sunday she got a notification saying there had been activity at her front door,and was in agony for nearly five hours while driving back.

In surveillance footage you can see one of the thieves ringing the doorbell, waiting for a response, and breaking the glass. Once the men are able to enter they continue to take things out of the house for two hours and the entire two hours, were caught on camera.

De Santiago said, "Well I'm thankful that we weren't here. Material stuff, God provides so I can get it back, but I'm thankful that we were gone, 'cause if we would've been home I think he would've came in anyway."

De Santiago said there isn't much more she could have done to prepared for this incident. She already has an alarm system with security cameras, but offers others to learn from her mistake.

"Make sure you leave at least the light on from the outside, or at least a car or something. My house was completely empty, I didn't have a car or truck out there," said De Santiago.

Ector County Sheriff, Mark Donaldson tells us the investigation is in very early stages and they do not have any leads yet.
Anyone with information should contact Odessa Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS.

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