Rap concert causes riot, hospitalizes attendees

Rap concert causes riot, hospitalizes attendees

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A major clean up is underway at La Hacienda Event Center. Bottles of alcohol, chairs, and knocked over tables cover the floors, illustrating the chaos from the Tory Lanez concert over the weekend.

"I was expecting to see a good show. I was excited about it," said Andrew Matos.

Many concert-goers were ticked off because the artist was late. When he finally got on stage, they say he provoked the crowd to riot. He performed a few songs and that's when the things went bad.

"The security went up there to try and talk to him about something and he didn't want to hear anything the security had to say. I just know he like pushed them out the way, [saying] 'F*** the security, lets f*** this place up,'" said Matos.

Tory Lanez can be heard on video cursing at the security at the event. Concert-goers say he told them to mess the place up. The crowd got rowdy and destruction came next.

"As soon as he said that. It was just bottles raining down," said Matos.

Attendees said people were hit with bottles of alcohol, chairs, tables, starting fights all throughout the venue. Several people ended up in the hospital.

La Hacienda released the following statement, "After being provoked by Tory Lanez the crowd became unruly. Out of concern for the safety of the fans and those in attendance, the security team ended the show early and cleared the building. The safety and security of our fans and the public is always our upmost concern. La Hacienda Event Center will be working with Alday promotions and prodigy entertainment to resolve any complaints. We will continue to work diligently to provide you with quality entertainment in a safe and secure environment."

Many of those who were injured in the chaos are looking to band together to file a class action suit against Tory Lanez.

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