Mother of deadly Andrews shooting victim speaks out

Mother of deadly Andrews shooting victim speaks out
Roberto Carlos Martinez (Courtesy: Maria Martinez)
Roberto Carlos Martinez (Courtesy: Maria Martinez)

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - A mother continues to mourn the loss of her son who police say was shot and killed by Edwin Rascon earlier this month.

Roberto Martinez, 23, was shot and killed earlier this month by a man his mom says he didn't even know. Police arrested Edwin Rascon for the shooting and she wants justice for her son.

Maria Martinez, Roberto's mother, hesitated to talk on camera because she says she's worried about her safety, as well as her family's and most importantly her grandsons.

In tears she shared these few words with us, "Imagine what it's like for my grandson, he won't have his father anymore, he won't have his father guiding him, he won't have anyone to provide for him. He has his mom but not a father figure."

His son, is the only reason Roberto Carlos Martinez stayed in Andrews.

His mom tells us he family moved to North Carolina when the oil took a plunge.

Roberto was supposed to come along but stayed behind to watch his son grow.

"I can't explain what his loss feels like, it's an indescribable pain to have lost my son," said Martinez.

Authorities say Edwin Rascon had an issue with his ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend, Roberto.

Rascon showed up at her house, found Roberto, and shot him several times.

Rascon kidnapped his one-year-old son and was on the run from cops.

He was arrested in Georgetown the next day.

His son was found safe and sound at an Odessa convenience store.

Now Maria says all she wants are answers.

"We want police to please have the courtesy to at least call us and tell us what's going on in this case, are they working on it?" said Martinez. "I really don't know how to act; we don't know if we have to file charges or what's the next step. We want for them to keep us updated, to give us a reason why he killed him."

Despite her son's death, Maria says she could never hate Rascon for cutting his life short

"I don't think we'd live comfortably hating someone. He already did the worst thing he could've done, he's in jail right now and we don't know how many years he'll spend behind bars," said Martinez.

Maria says she would like to talk to Rascon simply to find out why he did it.

"He didn't even give him time to defend himself. It wasn't one or two shots fired it was several. I saw my son's body; I saw every single shot wound he had," said Martinez.

Maria knows Rascon's fate is still up in the air but she says despite the punishment he will always live with what he did.

Up until today, the district judge said Edwin Rascon has not yet been indicted on any charges.

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