President of Stanton IGA Speaks Out

President of Stanton IGA Speaks Out

STANTON, TX (KWES) - The president of Lawrence Brothers Supermarket in Stanton has released a statement regarding a mice infestation that was reported earlier this month.

Jay Lawrence, President of Lawrence Brothers Supermarket says, they are doing everything they can to solve the issue.

Lawrence released the following statement:

"Due to an extremely wet year, many businesses in Stanton recently experienced a problem with a mice infestation and our supermarket there was no exception. As a result, a different pest control company was hired and the company began a stringent cleaning regimen. We have a responsibility to our customers and the people of Stanton and Martin County and we take that responsibility very seriously. We want the public to know we are doing everything we can to solve this problem.We can't say the problem is 100% solved but we think we are 99% there."

The cleaning regimen includes removing counters, shelving, pallets, kick plates, and gondolas.

Lawrence said the tops of the refrigerated cases and floors were sanitized.

All openings to the store, where electrical and refrigeration lines were, have been plugged and foamed.

The older front doors were also replaced with new, tightly sealed doors.

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