Moms meet at mall for breastfeeding event

Moms meet at mall for breastfeeding event

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Moms and their babies attended the Mother's Health Event at the Midland Park Mall. The event was held to support breastfeeding mothers who nurse their babies in public without the stigma attached to it.

Barbara Stone, owner of the Lactation Services of the Permian Basin said, "I tell mothers all the time you're doing something that's a gift that lasts a life time."

Andrea Valencia, a nursing mother said, "A lot of people see breasts as sexualized and they think that this should be done in a private area when not a lot of babies like to be covered especially older babies."

The idea for the event was sparked after a woman was publicly shamed for breastfeeding her baby at the mall a few weeks ago.

Kaylee Lewis, a nursing mother said, "Don't be ashamed, what you're doing is not wrong. If you feel scared don't be scared."

"There's going to be a lot of negativity out there just because they don't think that its normal for a baby to eat from a breast. We want people to know that it's just as natural as giving birth to a baby," said Valencia.

The moms said they have to find the quickest way to feed their babies when they get hungry. 

"You can go anywhere, any day, anytime. You don't worry if you ran out of formula. Breastfeeding is just right here," said Lewis.

They had a message for mothers in similar situations and those who may have a problem with it.

"You're feeding your baby and that's all that matters," said Valencia.

"Don't look at it. If you don't like it or don't know what it is, keep walking and don't look at it," said Lewis.

The moms who attended the event said there were some stares at them but they gained confidence from it.

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