Warm weather brings in an early bee season

Warm weather brings in an early bee season

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you'll be spending time outside this weekend, you may want to watch out for bees. Swarms have already started popping up in The Permian Basin.

The owner of Bee Busters, Tim Cleverdon said he has already seen his first pet fatality in 2016 because of bees. Cleverdon said this year he started seeing swarms of bees 3 months early.

Bee experts say the sunny and warm weather is to blame.

Cleverdon said, "Because of the warm temperatures we've had recently, we've experienced a surge in bee activity. It's pretty unusual for it to happen this early because it's usually colder." 

Cleverdon said bees are dangerous and he has seen several people and pets die because of them.

"The gentleman was mowing his lawn and disturbed them in a sprinkler box and he got swarmed and died. Within two weeks of that, a gentleman in Big Spring went outside and got swarmed and killed," said Cleverdon.

The latest pet fatality Cleverdon saw due to bees was this January, he says when he sees this happen the pets are usually chained up in one spot.

"Some dog houses have plastic strips that hang down when they go in and out and it kind of acts like a protector. Animals are going to get stung but not as intensely [if you protect them]," said Cleverdon.

Experts say not all bees are as harmful. 

"Bees that you see around flowers and plants, particularly onesies and twosies are not aggressive by nature. They're not going to hurt anybody. All they want to do is go get a food or water source and go home," said Cleverdon. 

Cleverdon said some bees will follow you up to half a mile if you disturb them. 

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