West Texans react to The Hunt Group given approval to buy Oncor

West Texans react to The Hunt Group given approval to buy Oncor

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Thursday the state gave the OK for The Hunt Group to buy Oncor for $18 billion.

The Hunt Group owns Sharyland Utilities but that purchase includes up to 300 stipulations.
One stipulation includes rate hikes which has been a source of controversy for Sharyland customers in the basin.

Those customers say they've seen their bills double and even triple. 
Many worry this deal will bring those high rates to even more customers.

"I think it's disgusting, I don't think it should be allowed," said Permian Basin resident Cathy Johnson.

In an official statement from Hunt Group Jeanne Phillips, spokesperson for Hunt Consolidated said, "We are pleased that all 3 Commissioners approved our proposal.  We will continue to work with all parties in the EFH bankruptcy proceeding over the coming months to reach a successful closure of the transaction consistent with the order approved today."

However, residents that might be affected by this purchase are not happy.

"It sounds to me that they want to create a monopoly and try to control the cost of the product," said Permian Basin resident Ruben Ramos.

"How do they justify that is what I want to know and I can't make sense of it and neither can they," said Johnson.

Viewers on Facebook have even started to voice disapproval on our page.

Comments include how furious this makes you, with rates already being ridiculously sky high and saying the change won't be pleasant.
Other said you are definitely worried and you have already seen what happens to bills under Sharyland.
One person said they are not worried at all. 
Most of you agree, saying that if it's anything like Sharyland, there might be trouble.

"If it's like Sharyland has been it's going to effect people very negatively. It's not good, not good at all. Everything is already high around here, and with the oil field going down you know, it's hard, it's hard," said Johnson.

Hunt said they must also pay for a study to see if there are any benefits to a possible merger between Sharyland and Oncor customers.

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