MISD Redrawing Boundary Lines

MISD Redrawing Boundary Lines

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland I.S.D is looking to redraw the boundary lines once again. It's an issue that has come up several times in school board meetings.

Just before the 2015-2016 school year, Midland ISD had finalized those boundary lines, but with new students coming in and with accommodating those new schools, the district says those boundaries were just not perfect. Now school officials are going back to the drawing board.

Midland I.S.D initially decided to adjust boundary lines after Barbara Fasken, Yarbrough Elementary, and Ralph Bunch Elementary schools we're added to the district. After the new school year started school officials realized some changes needed to be made.

Woodrow Bailey, Director of Communication with MISD says, "It's not a major overhaul or anything to the magnitude of what was looked at last year. Basically it's just adjusting some to eliminate and alleviate some of the over-population at some campuses."

Last year the boundaries were cause for debate after parents were upset about the changes, this time around Bailey says that shouldn't be the case.
"I think that overall, parents will be much more pleased with the adjustments because of course if we can balance and adjust, then it's going to make a difference. With the amount of students that are entering the campus, and parents dropping off and that kind of thing, if we could balance and make it a better situation for everybody, it will be a win win," Bailey said.

The schools that will most likely be affected are Yarbrough Elementary with students most likely being transferred to Milam Elementary, and Goddard Junior High school students may possibly be moved to San Jacinto, but the plans are not yet set in stone.

"They're of course reviewing and evaluating the plan, evaluating the numbers, and looking at projections. So, I believe by the next board meeting, it will be addressed again, and by that point and time a final decision may be made," Bailey said.   
For the very latest information on the new boundary lines, you can go to the Midland ISD website at www.midlandisd.net.