Local organization is helping West Texas girls go to prom

Local organization is helping West Texas girls go to prom

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Teenage girls all around West Texas are getting ready for prom season. It's a special time but not all girls can afford to go to prom. 
The Perfect PROMise with 3:11 Ministries is helping these girls go to prom.

Project team leader and 3:11 Ministries Secretary, Suzanne Quain said, "This project is really to boost the girls' self esteem."

Stephanie Wilbanks started the program last year and it has since expanded to about 50 volunteers. As the program continues to grow they want to help more teenage girls.

Committee Member, Chelsea Gonzales says this project isn't something put together in a month or two.
"Our first year running the project was last year and as soon as we wrapped up last year we started planning for this year. It takes about a year to plan and organize," said Gonzales.

The Perfect PROMise is still in need of volunteers, dresses and is still accepting applications from all West Texas girls who need help getting ready for prom.

Quain said to the volunteers of the program it's much more than just giving these girls a dress.

"These are high school girls that are about to be graduating and going out into the real world and sometimes they are in situations that they don't get positive feedback on a daily basis. So we use the dress as a tool to get with them, mentor them, love on them and just make them feel like a princess for a day," said Quain.

"Watching the girls getting to come in and look at all the dresses and hopefully walk away with a dress that they love," said Gonzales.

Dress drop off locations are below:
AJ's Boutique, March 26-31 
2215 Midland Dr
Pink Tumbleweed, March 26-31 
4410 N Midkiff Rd
Let's Face It Make Up Studio- contact Ashlee Rice for more info

For applications and more information on how to volunteer visit www.311ministries.org

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