Former IGA employee speaks out about mice feces in store

Former IGA employee speaks out about mice feces in store
Mouse trap (Source: Facebook/Mary Salgado).

STANTON, TX (KWES) - A former employee of the Stanton IGA grocery store is coming forward about what he says are unsanitary conditions and mice feces in the store.

"Getting to see it first hand, I probably won't go back until something is changed," said Marc Woodruff, a former employee.

Woodruff worked in the store for two weeks but that was enough for him. He says he's appalled at what they made him do on his first day on the job.

"They asked me to go through the bread to look for any mouse poop, to see if any mice had gotten to the loaves, which they did. I had to pull quite a few loaves because because the mice got into them and chewed into the bread. A lot of mouse poop I had to clean up. It was all over the store," said Woodruff.

A handful of viewers reached out with the same concerns and plenty of photos from inside the store. The photos appear to show mice droppings on food items and bread that was nibbled on.

"Just knowing that when I come to this store that I've been coming to for a while has those things on there, it's a little problem to me," said Eli Flores, a IGA customer.

It's the only grocery option in the Stanton area. If you don't shop there, you will be forced to drive to a bigger city just to get your grocery shopping done.

"For the safety and health of my kids, if I have to travel to Midland or Big Spring, then that's what I'm going to have to do," said Flores.

IGA says they are aware of the problem. They have hired an exterminator who has been working for the past month on a weekly basis. They also have installed new doors in an effort to keep the mice out but Stanton residents just want the problem fixed quickly.

"Clean the place up, whether it have to be turning the store upside down, remodel, whatever needs to happen just to fix the problem that everybody's complaining about, everybody's health. I'm sure everyone else would like to see that change also," said Flores.

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