Study reveals increase of Chlamydia cases in Ector County

Study reveals increase of Chlamydia cases in Ector County

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A recent study from the County Health and Roadmaps revealed Ector County as one of the unhealthiest counties in Texas. One of the reasons, a rise in sexually transmitted diseases, specifically chlamydia.

Gino Solla, Director of the Ector County Health Department said "We've really adopted a risk taking type population."

The study showed a high number of cases in teens and young adults.

Mary Bennett, Community Coach for County Health and Roadmaps said "There's HIV, there's Hepatitis, but within that definitely chlamydia has the greatest numbers."

"They're more free spirited in a lot of the things they do and I think that segment of the population is more sexually active," said Solla.

Solla believed a loss in resources also contributed to the issue.

"We had 30 or 40 Planned Parenthood look-a-like clinics. We're down to five or six now," said Solla.

Programs throughout Ector County are trying to curb the numbers which have been rising steadily.

"We wouldn't send our soldiers to Iraq without sending them to basic training first. Why don't we make that same ideology to our children that we teach them there's battles out there with these germs that you can't see," said Solla.

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