Odessa residents fight for their voices heard for district one representation

Odessa residents fight for their voices heard for district one representation

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa residents in district one gathered Thursday night to discuss the vacant seat on the city council. The seat will be filled Tuesday but residents are upset over the process.

It has been a little over a week that the city council started taking applications to fill District 1's vacant seat. The council currently has two applicants but residents say they are worried the council won't appoint who they want to represent them.

"I think they've handled it the best that they've been wrong," said resident and Attorney Gaven Norris.

The meeting at Woodson Park was put together by the residents of district one. They invited Mayor Turner to hear their concerns just days before someone is appointed to represent them.

"I don't think anyone is happy with the process. It could be the best process that we have outside of just appointing someone, which the council could have done the last meeting," said Norris.

Council members struggled with a way to fill the vacant seat but they decided they would give two weeks for district 1 residents to apply, the council would hold interviews behind closed doors and appoint someone at the next city council meeting this Tuesday.

"How do we appoint someone quickly so they have representation? We also need to represent what the voters want. It's kind of a tough dilemma, we felt like this is the best option at this time. That way whoever wants to can run, file in June for the seat and be up for election in November," said Odessa Mayor Turner.

Residents are upset they are not able to vote for their next representation.

"Going forward, I think our biggest concern is we have people who are putting their name in the hat to represent us and they are no where near present in our community and how can you represent the community when you've been invisible to this point?" said Norris.

Applications are still available at Odessa City Hall. Anyone applying has until 5 p.m. Monday, March 21, 2016 to submit one. At Tuesday night's city council meeting an applicant will be appointed to the seat.

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