Family claims bed bugs bit their baby while staying at a Midland inn

Family claims bed bugs bit their baby while staying at a Midland inn

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A family is furious after staying at an inn where they say bed bugs bit them and their seven month old baby.

David Ozuna got a room for his wife and baby at America's Best Value Inn off Bankhead Highway and Midkiff Drive in Midland. Ozuna said their baby cried more than usual the first two nights and couldn't sleep. On the third day, he said they discovered why.

"I saw a bed bug walk on the bed and killed it. I told my wife and and she went to confront the office," said Ozuna.

Ozuna said after his wife complained to a manager, they were refunded in full even for the nights they had already stayed. Ozuna said management didn't make an effort to fix the bed bug problem.

Ozuna said, "I told the guy, 'You want to check for the bed bug right?' He was going to refund me three nights (over $250) and he's like, 'No, that's OK.' Then we left and I came back because I forgot something and they didn't even go into the room or anything. They just left it like that."

The United States Environmental Protection Agency online says these bites can cause a severe whole body reaction if someone is allergic. Other infections can form because of the bites and the bites can even effect mental health, reported effects include anxiety and insomnia.

We reached out to America's Best Value Inn, the manager was not available and we are still waiting for a call back.

Ozuna said his family will not be staying there again but hopes his bad experience helps others.

"[I hope] they clean up the hotel, that they make sure everything is sanitized. We're just one of many people that stay there," said Ozuna.

Ozuna said even now a few days after leaving, he, his wife and baby still have the red marks. However, his baby is now able to sleep without discomfort.

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