Board votes to increase tuition at Midland College

Board votes to increase tuition at Midland College

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland College Board voted to increase tuition. In September, students are expected to see an almost $50 increase for twelve hours. The increase affects in-district-, out-of-district and out-of-state students.

Freshman, Jakob Garcia, said, "I think raising the tuition kind of cuts students back even more."

Sophomore, Angel Campos, said, "I would want to question what we would be gaining with this increase in costs?"

School officials said cuts in state funding and increased expenses are to blame.

Dean of Community Relations & Special Events, Rebecca Bell, said, "The money that we get from the state keeps dwindling and of course expenses keep increasing. Most community colleges are increasing tuition and Midland College unfortunately is one of them."

Bell said the vote was not a quick decision.

"Usually about this time of year our board discusses tuition rates," said Bell.

The money from the increase in tuition and meal plans will be going back into the school. Students said they could use the extra money.

"I mean that could easily go for gas because it's not a short trip to come here," said Campos.

"That money could be going to books, rent, just food on the table," said Garcia.

"You could always put it towards something else, especially school supplies those are definitely not cheap," said Campos.

Bell said Midland College will have opportunities for scholarships and financial aid for students.

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