Odessa City Council accepting applications for vacant seat

Odessa City Council accepting applications for vacant seat

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa City Council is in the process of accepting applications for the vacant District 1 seat. Council will interview candidates at the next meeting with hopes of picking a replacement at by end of the night.

Odessa City Secretary Norma Aguilar-Grimaldo said "The feedback has been good. I've been through this process before in the past."

City council says there are requirements applicants must follow.

"You have to be a US resident, a qualified voter and you have to had lived within District 1 for six months," said Grimaldo.

Once a new representative is appointed, they will get right to work with other members of the council.

"They'll take part of the budget process and some other projects that the city has going on such as the comprehensive master plan and they will set the policy for the direction of the city," said Grimaldo.

After hearing from residents of District 1 in at the last meeting, members of the council knew it was time to find a new representative.

"We've been hearing from the constituents of District 1 and I think they are ready to have that position filled," said Grimaldo.

Grimaldo said the new representative will have to run again in November and if elected again the new council member will represent District 1 for the next four years.

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