New credit card skimmer found in Midland

New credit card skimmer found in Midland
Midland police vehicle (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A new credit card skimmer has been found in Midland.

The newest discovery was made on Tuesday morning at the Uncles Convenience Store located at Midkiff Road and Andrews Highway.

City Spokesperson, Sara Bustilloz, said the discovery was made during regular maintenance of the gas pump after not being checked for two weeks.

However, authorities say this most recent discovery didn't have bluetooth but showed some of the same components as the other skimmers that have been found around the Permian Basin.

Police add that they don't believe there is a threat to any person's information but urge citizens to continue to watch their accounts for any fraudulent charges.

No suspects have been named in connection with the credit card skimmers.

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