Gaines County Courthouse employees can bring concealed guns to work

Gaines County Courthouse employees can bring concealed guns to work

GAINES COUNTY, TX (KWES) - On Monday, the Gaines County Judge along with the Commissioner's Court passed a new policy allowing employees at the courthouse the right to bring their guns to work.

Gaines County Court Judge, Tom Keyes said "We started the conversation in January. Some of the commissioners felt very strongly that this should be a no gun zone."

Keyes believed since this was a new idea it led to some commissioners feeling a little hesitant.

The statistics seem to suggest people commit gun violence in no gun zones. Perhaps the presence of guns can help reduce the commission of gun crimes," said Keyes.

Only employees who are licensed and trained are allowed to bring their guns to work.

"They have to let their supervisor know and if they act in an irresponsible manner then they are subject to disciplinary measures," said Keyes.

Members of the Commissioner's Court along with Judge Keyes felt they made the right decision.

"I can tell you that in the last three months since the law came into effect, I haven't seen a weapon in here except on a law-enforcement hip. We're not just going into this willie-nillie," said Keyes.

The policy goes into effect immediately. Only law enforcement and those with written permission by the judge can bring guns into the courtroom.

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