Local restaurants tired of strip club flyers being distributed

Local restaurants tired of strip club flyers being distributed

Businesses in West Texas are saying enough is enough. They are tired of flyers advertising a local strip club. The flyers are often left on customers' cars, but there might not be anything local leaders can do.

Restaurant managers say they have not approved these flyers to be distributed within their parking lots.

"Maybe some families don't want their kids seeing," said Midland's Texas Roadhouse Manager, Aaron Battles. "It's not every Saturday or every Friday but probably once or twice a month we're seeing this. It'd be nice if there was some respect given to particularly family establishments."

Feliz Abalos, Odessa's Assistant City Attorney, said an ordinance would be hard to put together without potentially violating the right to free of speech, but business owners do have other options.

"They actually can make rules on their own private property that people can't put flyers on people's cars," said Abalos.

Management said they currently don't have a sign but would consider it if this problem persists.

"I guess we could put our flyers on their people's cars, but we're not going to do that because we are trying to respect each other," said Battles. "We'd appreciate it if they quit putting them on our cars."

Instead Abalos said they should give them a criminal trespassing warning.

"If those people come back on their property, then Texas Roadhouse would be well within their rights to call the cops, and say that someone is trespassing on their property," said Abalos.

Texas Roadhouse managers said they don't need an ordinance to respect boundaries they simply don't want to see it happen again.

"We all kind of know each other and try to work together," said Battles. "It'd be nice if these guys cooperated and worked with us."

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