Loving County judge warned, ordered to complete additional legal education

Loving County judge warned, ordered to complete additional legal education

LOVING COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct issued a public warning for Loving County Judge Skeet Lee Jones and ordered him to complete ten hours of additional legal education, officials revealed Wednesday.

Judge Skeet Lee Jones "failed to comply with the law" and acted unprofessionally, according to a copy of the warning obtained by KWES-TV.

The Commission met in February and completed a review of allegations against Jones before concluding he had approved questionable plea deals for years.

Jones dismissed various charges - including possession of marijuana, assault causing bodily injury, driving with a suspended license, driving with insurance and speeding - and instead found defendants guilty of "illegal parking," according to the Commission.

He reportedly began doing this in 2009; at least 90 citations had been changed by April 2014.

The judge also imposed fines "well above" the maximum amount allowed by law, the public warning states.

Cases reviewed by the Commission revealed Jones fined multiple defendants up to $1,000 for illegal parking.

The maximum fine for nearly all parking infractions under the Texas Transportation Code is $200.

Jones said Wednesday he had no comment.

He testified February 11 before the Commission that he "simply approved all plea agreements presented to him" and "believed he had the legal authority to assess fines in excess of the maximum amounts allowed by statute because the defendants had agreed to pay the higher amounts."

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