Odessa City Council discuss Uber's future

Odessa City Council discuss Uber's future

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Uber and similar transportation companies were a big topic during Tuesday night's briefing before the city council meeting. The city said safety is their top priority.

Tuesday night Odessa City Council was introduced to Uber, they were given an idea of what Uber is and how it currently operates in the city.

Senior Assistant City Attorney, Natasha Brooks said, "We didn't present it with any goals we just wanted to give them an idea of what Uber is, how it would operate in the city and the safety features that Uber provides."

The city said they are taking Uber's recent decision to leave Midland into consideration and Odessa has already started working on a draft ordinance.

"We're going to work with Uber directly and see if we can pass an ordinance that would meet Uber standards and the city of Odessa. One of the main things that I think that's driving it is the background checks and the information regarding background checks," said Brooks.

Reactions were mixed between council members many want new transportation companies like Uber to be an option for residents others are worried for the work of taxi drivers but everyone agreed the city could see some very positive changes from it.

Brooks said, "One of the major things is drunk driving and to give citizens a choice whether they want to do something with a transportation network company or if they still want to call a taxi. They'll have a choice."

Odessa City Council said they have not come up with any concrete ideas when it comes to additional background checks or if any zones are off limits, but they said a decision will be made very soon.

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