T-shirt, softball to blame for major Midland sewer clog

T-shirt, softball to blame for major Midland sewer clog

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The city of Midland believes they have found the cause of the major clog that brought sewage into the homes of residents in Midland. They believe the items were put inside a sewer pipe in someone's backyard.

"This is probably one of the worst clogs that we have ever seen," said Sara Bustilloz, city spokeswoman.

Midland city officials are not happy about what they found inside the sewage system. An extra large t-shirt, a plastic softball, scraps of fabric and large rocks were all found in the pipes. They believe the items may have been put there intentionally.

"Our main focus is getting this pipe cleared. We have been working on it every day since Saturday. That's our main goal right now to get that pipe in working condition so we can restore service," said Bustilloz.

The sewage problem began over the weekend when city workers were trying to push out the clog near Bentwood Drive and Glenwood Drive. They pushed it too far and the sewage came up the pipes and in the homes of residents on the two streets.

"They told us it was not a big deal. It's not an emergency. To me, anything that can harm my children is an issue. If my children are affected, all of my neighbors' are as well," said Tobi Lara, a resident who lives on Bentwood Drive.

Nicole Savage is another resident of Bentwood Drive, who came home to find her house flooded with sewage. Savage's home is one of the worst on her block. She will have to remove a whole wall in her home that was severely damaged.

"It was awful. I literally screamed. It's just bad. The smell was bad. It was ridiculous. We tried to clean it ourselves but there was just no way," said Savage.

Many residents have had to stay with family or in hotels. Some have even slept in their garage to get away from the smell and constant noise of fans drying the leftover sewage.

Now, kids on Bentwood Drive are left staying home during their Spring Break while their parents try to make their homes safe to live in again.

The city says they are doing everything they can to fix the clog and any residents who are dealing with the sewage overflow can file a claim with the city, but should first deal with making their homes inhabitable again.

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