City looks to fix sewage issue

City looks to fix sewage issue

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Saturday, Midland officials were called out the the 100 block of North Glenwood Drive in where homes like Cynthia Johnson's were damaged by sewage water.

Cynthia Johnson said "It's a bad feeling, a bad experience. It's something that I wouldn't want anybody to go through."

Johnson said the sewage caused her family to stay at a hotel and there is even more work to be done on her home.

"Carpet Tech came back and did another inspection. They told me to leave the fans and the heater on to dry out what's in the walls," said Johnson.

City officials said they have been working on the issue since they first got the call on Saturday.

City of Midland Public Information Officer, Sara Bustilloz said "We've been able to shut off the issue to the houses but we are still working on this and the pipes themselves."

Officials said they receive calls everyday about blocked sewage and their crews take a look at each issue.

"This actually affected a handful of houses in the area so they have to determine where it is and how exactly they are going to handle the problem. We've already started working with some of the homeowners on what we can do for them," said Bustilloz.

Officials said they have started the claims process with some of the homeowners and getting the original problems fixed is the number one priority.

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