Homes flooded with sewage water in Midland

Homes flooded with sewage water in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Sewage water flooded homes in Midland Saturday evening. Homeowners are now cleaning up the mess. They say their toilets and bathtubs started pouring out sewage water, soaking their carpet and floors. It was more than an inch high, and the smell was strong. Many residents worried for their health.

"It's not safe. It's not safe," said Midland resident Cynthia Johnson.

She started her Saturday with some spring cleaning, but later was left with a bigger mess than she expected.

"My next door neighbor runs over to me and asks if my toilets were okay. I'm thinking yes there okay. She says you might want to check," said Johnson.

She found her bathroom, bedroom, and hallway flooded with sewage water.

"There's feces everywhere. All on my floors. Everywhere. So it was kinda, I mean it was almost, startling for me. So from a normal Saturday to now, it's not so normal, because now I have a lot of stuff to clean up," said Johnson.

She says the sewage water started to surface when crews with the city of Midland were working in the ally behind her home. Johnson says she's been told she's responsible for damages, but her biggest concern is not where they will sleep tonight, but for the health of the young children who live in her home.

"Horrified because I have grandchildren and my grandson, you know he's just learning how to walk and so he's crawling around and so it's a health hazard," said Johnson.