Marco Rubio visits Midland, talks Presidential Election

Marco Rubio visits Midland, talks Presidential Election

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Republican Presidential Candidate, Senator Marco Rubio made a stop in Midland Friday for a private fundraising event but made time to talk about the Presidential Elections.

Rubio said, "Today leading in the polls we have a con artist, Donald trump who's posing as someone who's fighting for the little guy but as I said he has spent his whole career sticking it to the people."

Rubio made it very clear that he thinks the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement is at risk if trump is elected into office. Rubio said he has ideas for a better economy

"I'm worried about people losing jobs as a result of the minimum wage increase because many employers cannot afford to pay the additional wages. I think the better approach to raising wages is a combination of robust economic growth which would lead to wage increases, providing easier access to vocational training so you can acquire the skills you need for better paying jobs," said Rubio

Rubio also talked about the importance of the oil industry in the Permian basin and acknowledged the current downturn.

Rubio said, "Part of my tax plan would be to lower the tax burden on all business and allow them to immediately expense everything they invest."

Rubio touched on other subjects such as immigration and called America is the most generous country in the world when it comes to immigration.

"A million people become American residents permanently legally every year. But we have an illegal immigration issue. We have a right to choose who comes here, how they come here and when they come here. More importantly for an immigrant, the number one driving force is the desire to leave their children better off than yourself. It's called the American dream. I lived it, my parents lived it, we are going to defend and fight for that to reach more people than ever before," said Rubio.

Rubio also expressed his feelings to those who do not like him and do not plan on voting for him.

"When I'm president, I'm going to be everyone's president. Even the people who don't like me and don't vote for me, I'm going to work for them every day. As president I will love all the American people even those who don't love me back," said Rubio.

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