Early voting turnout increases in Ector County

Early voting turnout increases in Ector County

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Thousands of people cast their vote Friday for the March 1st Texas Primary Election. Friday was the last day of early voting. It was a busy day at the election's office over in Ector County. They say this years early voting turnout is the largest they've seen since 2010.

"It started off slow but gradually each day we've increased in voters."

On Friday alone, 1,750 voters cast their ballot in Ector County. That brings the total number of votes to at least 8,076. Over in Midland County, 2,929 voters showed up to cast their ballot on the last day of early voting. They now have a total of 9,913 votes. The Ector County elections office says early voting is crucial, sometimes even more crucial than election day votes.

"Through the years we have seen an increase in early voting and I've had elections where we've actually ended up with more people voting early voting than we did in person on election day."

The elections administrator in Ector County says some big races this year could be why more voters came out.

"Of course the presidential. That's the big thing. For our local, candidates here on the sheriff's race and then we have the commissioner 1 race and then of course the constable race."

With early voting coming to a close, the focus will soon shift to election day, what election officials call super Tuesday. Election day is Tuesday March 1st. NewsWest 9 will be bringing you live coverage and the latest numbers and they roll in.

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