Officials hold last town hall meeting for Envision Odessa

Officials hold last town hall meeting for Envision Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Tonight was the final public meeting for Envision Odessa, a long range plan for the city that officials have been working on for the last two years. It gives residents an idea of what Odessa will look like in the future.

Odessa Mayor, David Turner said "There will be more parks and we are looking to improve road safety. We are trying to make the town more liveable, more friendly and make us very competitive with the other cities in West Texas."

Turner said the multi-million dollar plan will be paid for by the funds saved by the city.

"We can revitalize certain areas and by revitalizing certain neighborhoods it increases the tax value that way it saves other taxpayers from their taxes actually having to go up," said Turner.

Residents and officials are looking forward to the future of Odessa.

Long time resident Tim Harry said "I just want to make sure that it's going to benefit the entire community as a whole."

"I can't wait. My goal is to have Odessa be the shining star in West Texas," said Turner.

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