Odessa Police talk safety after man arrested for posing as security officer

Odessa Police talk safety after man arrested for posing as security officer

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Police made multiple arrests on Tuesday in an effort to crack down on gambling at game rooms in Odessa. At one business in particular, police found not only gambling, but a man posing as a security officer.

"It is important to seek adequate training. You can't just pretend to be a security officer. You have to properly commissioned through the state for a reason," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department.

Luis Canales is accused of impersonating an security officer and carrying a gun without a license. Police say Canales was approached while working at the OK Game room on 42nd. He was dressed in a distinctive uniform, had a badge and a loaded glock.

"If you are a security officer, You have to be commissioned through the state. If you are a police officer you have to have your license. It was determined that neither of those applied," said LeSueur.

The arrest was made while OPD served warrants at fame rooms throughout Odessa. Police say this situation is rare but not unheard of. OPD made several arrests last year for people posing as security, as well police officers.

"It's extremely dangerous because unfortunately we see this time and time again, these cases pop up where people, it's usually male subjects, Who will pose as police officers. They will pull people over. They take advantage of people. It's unknown what the real intent is," said LeSueur.

Whether it's a police officer or security officer you are on sure of, OPD says you can call them to have the person verified.

"If someone does suspect that someone is really not a security officer. They can always call us. We can come out and we can determine whether or not that person is properly commissioned," said LeSueur.

Impersonation of a security officer is a Class A misdemeanor. Canales could be spending up to a year in jail.

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