Landgraf in race with Crawford for State Representative seat

Landgraf in race with Crawford for State Representative seat

A State Representative seat is up for grabs in the March Primary Election.

District 81 represents Ector, Andrews, Winkler and Ward counties.

Hometown candidate and current State Representative for the district, Brooks Landgraf is running against Joshua Crawford.

Both candidates actually have a lot in common when it comes to political issues they're passionate about.

Landgraf and Crawford both say the need for tax cuts, a pro-life stance, immigration, and border security are on their agendas.

Landgraf has been State Representative for the district since 2015.

During that time he co-authored legislation that has cut state taxes by nearly $4 billion.

Governor Greg Abbott has praised Landgraf for his quote tireless efforts and leadership in the legislature.

Landgraf isn't the only one with supporters.

Crawford says he's been endorsed by former Landgraf campaign treasurer, Dick Saulsbury.

Both candidates are campaigning more than ever as election day nears.

It's is Tuesday, March 1st and NewsWest 9 will be bringing you latest on several races in the area.

That's also when we will hear from both Landgraf and Crawford as they wait to hear who was elected as State Representative for the district.